2022 Entertainment

Fortunato Isgro

We also welcome Fortunato to the entertainment line up. He will be accompanied by his band.

Fortunato Isgro is a popular vocalist, musician, entertainer and song writer based in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. He has worked in the Australian music industry for 22 years and performs various styles of music including pop classics from the 1950’s to 1970’s, country music and traditional Italian folk songs. He is an avid song writer and composer and enjoys performing his original songs; he plays the keyboard and guitar.

Fortunato is a passionate entertainer who draws inspiration from musical greats such as Elvis, Engelbert Humperdinck, Dean Martin and Tom Jones. He is well-known for his strong vocals, relatable performing style and ability to mesmerise audiences of all ages. His love for music is evident in every performance he does and there is nothing more he enjoys than bringing joy to his many fans. He is well-loved in the dance community for his ability to cater for various dance styles including old time, new vogue, rock n roll, ballroom and line dancers.

Fortunato is also a popular entertainer within the Australian-Italian community and performs at numerous Italian events and festivals throughout Australia. His version of the Italian classic ‘Mambo Italiano’ was selected by Sacla UK for their latest pesto advertising campaign which played across UK television and their social media.

In recent years Fortunato has hosted celebrity holiday tours to Singapore, Tasmania and Norfolk Island where his fans enjoy his company and entertainment whilst taking in the sights of their destination.

Fortunato is an experienced recording artist and has developed six albums over his career which are available on iTunes, Spotify and at his live gigs. He has just released his debut single called ‘Don’t Let Me Go’ which he recorded with Kross Kut Records.


Attori will be our MC as well as part of the entertainment line up for the weekend. 

Attori bring you classic favourites from decades past including songs from “Vegas” and big band numbers... and they have the dinner suits, the attitude and the banter to match. The entertainers combine their skills to produce a versatile high quality corporate entertainment package. This performance can also expand to a cabaret act, or the ultimate full-length theatre show. The individual performers have honed their skills in numerous venues and from a variety of performances, in both amateur and professional venues throughout Queensland.

Attori has burst into the Australian entertainment scene with great panache and their great success is a tribute to their hard work and dedication. They have performed for the who's who of the corporate world and continue to delight audiences far and wide.

Livio Taraborrelli

Livio commenced exclusive solo performances at "LIVIO" in 1970. Hes speciality is 'one-man-band' while achieving a full band sound with the latest electronic accordion and vocals using his own amplification system featuring built-in drums. 


Prima Spada

Prima Spada School of Fence is a school of historical swordplay with schools in Queensland (North Brisbane, South Brisbane, Ipswich, and Townsville) and in Tasmania (Launceston). We offer classes in Historical fencing for both performances and competition with a range of weapons, including rapier and the Renaissance sidesword with companion weapons, two-handed sword and smallsword; Classical modern fencing with foil, epee and sabre; and Artistic fencing. Prima Spada ensures that there is something for anyone and everyone who dreams of becoming a Swordmaster, Swashbuckler, Hero, Villain, and anything else in between!

We offer an enjoyable and accessible approach to swordplay, where students are constantly challenged to excel at the techniques taught at their level and are encouraged to demonstrate their ability in combat.

Prima Spada is a wonderful place to meet fantastic new people, make friends, get fit, and try something new!

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